August 2014 - Newsletter


Summer in the North Country is quickly coming to the end of what seems like a very short run.


The scenic St. Lawrence River was the backdrop for our dinner meeting at Bonnie Castle Manor.  What a view!  What a good time we had!  What a bunch of nice people we have in our club!  The staff at Bonnie Castle did an excellent job.  Everything was beautifully arranged and the staff efficient.  The food was good too!


New Members:

Jim Lucas – 1982 Silver Green Coupe

Ned & Gretchen Martelle-2013 Silver Conv.

Bruce & Cindy Beattie-2014 White Conv.


On August 3rd, Ron and I attended Automotion (car show) in Brockville, Ontario.  We’ve been meaning to catch this one for the past three years, but this is the first time the weather cooperated.  There were hundreds of cars of different classes on display, and lots of Corvettes!  We ran into some of our Canadian members while there.  I haven’t heard whether they took home any prizes or not.

Unfortunately, the rain was relentless on August 12th during the Cruise-In for the USO in Calcium.  Our club members showed what they’re made of though, by making a strong showing.  Dave Clark told us they made almost $500.00 for the USO.

So far there hasn’t been much interest by our members, in the trip to Lake George with the Capital Corvette Club.  That’s really too bad, because we had a terrific time last year.  The dates are September 26-28, Friday-Sunday.

Contact me at if you decide to join us.

Also, Tom Cheney says they are still trying to coordinate the dates for the Corvette Museum trip.  So it’s not too late to sign up if you want some input on the dates.  You can contact Tom or Darren Smith.  Their contact information is listed on page two of this newsletter.

It’s that time of year again, to submit your suggestions for the recipients of our annual charitable contributions.  I will attach the form to this newsletter.  You can return the completed form by e-mail, snail mail, or bring it to the September meeting, September 24th, which is the cut-off date.  Remember to nominate only local charities, as we like to keep our donations in the area.  Thank you.

The September dinner meeting will be held at the 1000 Island Harbor Hotel in Clayton, September 24th.  Betsy Jacobs is the contact person.  I will send an e-mail when the details are available.

Per our bylaws, officer nominations were held at the August meeting.  As Tom announced previously, Joe Coniglio has decided to step down as Treasurer.  He will continue on as Webmaster.  Thank you, Joe for an outstanding job over the years! 

Helen Reno is also stepping down as Goodwill Ambassador. Thank you, Helen, for representing our club so graciously.

Past-President, Kathy Cheney, has generously stepped up to the plate once again, to accept the nomination for Treasurer.  Thank you, Kathy!  Therefore, the nominated slate of officers to be voted on next month is:

          Tom Cheney – President

          Darren Smith – Vice-President

          Kathy Cheney – Treasurer

          Betsy Jacobs - Secretary


Long-time member, Lori Chase, has volunteered to take over as Goodwill

Ambassador.  Thank you, Lori.




Non-Club events that may be of interest:


9/5-7 – Adirondack Vette Fest @ Lake George



Club Sponsors:

 Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY

 Clarence Henry Coach LLC Marble St., Watertown, NY


Website & Sponsor:


Kris Allen and Creg Systems


Club Contacts:


President: Tom Cheney


Phone: 783-6840    


Vice President: Darren Smith


Phone: 788-5498


Secretary: Betsy Jacobs


Phone: 482-4610


Treasurer/Website: Joe Coniglio


Phone: 788-8059


Sergeant-at-Arms: Kathy Cheney


Phone: 783-8108


Goodwill Ambassador: Helen Reno


Phone: 788-8059


Photographer: Ron Jacobs


Phone: 482-4610


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris


Phone: 629-5623



If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at and he will put it on our website.