June 2018 – Newsletter

 Lots of news this month – so here goes:

The rainy weather apparently kept a lot of

people away from the Admiral’s Inn dinner meeting.  We were poised to set a new attendance record, but we had several no-shows.  Still, we had 50 in attendance.


As usual the Admiral’s Inn treated us well.  They seem to bend over backward to accommodate us.  Everyone loves going there.

What a fun night – boisterous --  and for a select few, financially rewarding.  The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Sylvia Dion – yes – she won again!

 We had a great turnout for the first ice cream cruise of the season on May 30th, to The Trolley in Henderson.  There were about 15 cars, and even our sponsor, Dwight Davidson, showed up!


Congratulations to Fred Phillips, Bucky Beerman and Wayne Harris!  They took 2nd, 1st, and 3rd, respectively, at the Mexico Car Show on June 9th.


Thanks to the sponsorship of Cheney Tire, our members were invited to Corvette night at the Can Am Speedway on June 15th.  We were treated like VIP’s all night: free admission, free food, special seating and a fun night of racing!


This is a picture of “Lucy”.  A prototype model Corvette, she was the star of the show at the Kingston Corvette Invasion, June 22-23.


I wish you could have seen all the Corvettes parked around City Hall and Market Square Friday night.  It was handled so smoothly by the volunteers and the Kingston Police.  We drew quite a crowd to say the least.  The road tours on Saturday were terrific – at least ours was.  I expect the other three were equally nice.  That took some planning to execute four different tours, almost simultaneously.   The lunch at Olympic Harbor was so efficiently handled.  I had my doubts how they were going to feed 300 plus people in such a short length of time – but they pulled it off.  Such attention to detail too!  The luncheon plates were very good and nutritious, and they even had special Invasion decorated cakes for dessert.  Ron and I took the Trolley Tour in the afternoon and that was quite enjoyable too.  I have to say though, the dinner/dance on Saturday night was the cherry on top of a great weekend “sundae”.  The food was excellent, and presented beautifully.  The buffet lines were so efficient that nobody had to wait very long to get their food.  The band was terrific too!  I think the hit of the weekend though was Lucy.  How John managed to pull that off is just short of miraculous!


Many kudos to John & Heather Price and their hard-working team for a fantastic weekend.


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Our annual breakfast at Tin Pan Galley is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th.  The July dinner meeting will be held at Bonnie Castle, Wednesday, July 25th.  Tom is looking into booking the Waterside in Henderson Harbor for August.  There seems to be some interest in organizing a caravan to the 25th Vettes at the Beach on Sunday July 29th.  E-Mails will go out about each of these events, with the appropriate details.




Non-club Events of Interest:

Jefferson Co. Fair – 7/10-15

Syracuse Nationals – 7/20-22

Hend.Hbr.Chr.in July Parade-7/27, 6:00PM

25th Vettes at the Beach – 7/29

AutoMotion, Brockville - 8/5

Corvettes at Carlisle – 8/23-26

Adirondack Nationals – 9/6-9

Adirondack VetteFest – 9/7-9


Club Sponsors:


Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY www.Davidsonautonet.com


Clarence Henry Coach LLC

Marble St., Watertown, NY



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Email: NNYCorvetteClub@gmail.com

Kris Allen and Creg Systems



Club Contacts:


President: Tom Cheney

Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

Phone: 315-783-6840


Treasurer: Darren Smith

Email: dwsmith381@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498

 Secretary: Betsy Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Vice President: Kathy Cheney

Email: kccheney1152@gmail.com

Phone: 315-783-8108


Webmaster: Joe Coniglio

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Goodwill Ambassador: Lori Chase

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New Membership Chairman: Dave Chase

Email:  dave.l.chase@gmail.com

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Photographer: Steve Dion

Email: lky36246@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-658-3134


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris

Email: dorway99@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-681-4642


If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at JCONIG@hotmail.com and he will put it on our website.