June 2017 - Newsletter


Well, Folks, we lucked out again!  In between all the rainy days we’ve had of late, the evening of our June dinner meeting was beautifully sunny and warm.  We filled the streets of Alex Bay with our Corvettes.


On top of that, we had a record turnout at the Admiral’s Inn – 69!  What fun we had, and Mike, the owner made us feel special.  He had big signs hung on the walls welcoming us.  He and his staff were very attentive to our needs and everyone had a good time and a good meal.


Everyone who attended was especially generous in their purchase of 50/50 raffle tickets.  The lucky winner, Joe Spano, and the club each received $112.00!  A second prize of a $25.00 gift certificate, donated by Mike, the owner of the Admiral’s, was won by Ron Tepfenhart.  A third prize of a Corvette cooler was won by Dory Sheldon.


Guest, Doug Tulloch, organizer of River Santa, thanked us for our generous donation last year, and spoke of the far-reaching effects of the program.  However, his main purpose in attending was to tell us about the 1000 Islands

Charity Poker Run to be held July 13-15, for the benefit of the River Hospital Wellness Program, serving veterans with PTSD.  We (and our Corvettes) are invited to a kick-off party to be held Thursday July 13th at the Antique Boat Museum.  Tom will send out more details by email.


New Members:

Roger & Diana Preston – 1980 Blue Coupe &

          2001 Silver Coupe

You probably recognize Roger’s name from previous meetings and newsletters, as the owner of Horsepower Sales of Florida.  He and his son, Jeremy, are offering to fine tune your C5, C6 or C7, at a special price for our club members.  They expect this to take place the first weekend in August.  If you are interested you can contact Roger at: 315-938-5833 or


As more information becomes available, Tom may send out an email.


John Price spoke of the Fun Fest to be held in Kingston September 9-10, in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Our club is invited to participate in a ‘Corvette Corral’.  Many activities are planned for the event, and John with have brochures to hand out at the July meeting.


I know we’ve been saying this quite a bit, but we really do intend to plan some ice cream cruises.  It’s just not much fun to go cruisin’ in the rain!


Our July dinner meeting will be held TUESDAY

July 25th at Bonnie Castle. Sorry folks – yours truly had a prior commitment on the Wednesday. It will be a buffet dinner and we expect the cost to be $35.00 per person.  The menu has not yet been finalized, but we’ll send out an email with the details as soon as they’re available.  Betsy Jacobs is the contact.




The much anticipated annual breakfast at Tin Pan Galley is slated for Saturday, August 5th.

Betsy Jacobs is the contact.




Non-Club Events of Interest:


7/14-16 – Syracuse Nationals(NY Fairgrounds)

7/30 – Vettes at the Beach (Sylvan Beach)

8/6 – Automotion, Brockville, Ontario

8/24-27 – Corvettes at Carlisle

9/7-10 – Adirondack Nationals (Lake George)

9/8-10 – Adirondack VetteFest (Queensbury)

9/9-10 – Family Fun Fest Canada, Kingston




 Club Sponsors:


Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY www.Davidsonautonet.com


Clarence Henry Coach LLC

Marble St., Watertown, NY



Website & Sponsor:



Email: NNYCorvetteClub@gmail.com

Kris Allen and Creg Systems



Club Contacts:


President: Tom Cheney

Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

Phone: 315-783-6840       


Treasurer: Darren Smith

Email: dwsmith381@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498


Secretary: Betsy Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Vice President: Kathy Cheney

Email: kccheney@verizon.net

Phone: 315-783-8108


 Webmaster: Joe Coniglio

Email: JCONIG@hotmail.com

Phone: 315-788-8059


Goodwill Ambassador: Lori Chase

Email: dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


New Membership Chairman: Dave Chase

Email:  dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


Photographer: Steve Dion

Email: lky36246@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-658-3134


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris

Email: dorway99@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-681-4642




If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at JCONIG@hotmail.com and he will put it on our website.