October 2015 - Newsletter

In spite of the horrible weather, 40 die-hard members made their way to Wise Guys for an amazing meal.  We would have had 54, if not for the weather-related cancellations.  As you would expect – there wasn’t a Corvette to be seen on the streets of Chaumont!




The winner of a drawing for a Corvette duffle bag, donated by Davidsons, was Jan Beattie!


This year, our club proudly presents six local

Charities with $500.00 each:

  Volunteer Transportation Center

  Hospice of Jefferson County

  Dawn House of Kingston, ON

  Christmas Charities of Lewis County

  Gouv. Business Women Breast Cancer Fund

  Jefferson County SPCA


New Members:

Lawrence & Debra Gidney – 2003 Gray Coupe

Bill & Sue Kiernan – 2002 White Coupe

Mike & Mary Kiernan – 1999 White Coupe

Michael & Kathy Strough – 2006 Black Conv.

Zeke & Charlene Zapotoski – 1991 Red Coupe

                              and a 2010 Gray Conv.     



The impromptu fall cruise to the Soda Fountain

in Remsen was a real treat .  The ride down was very enjoyable, with 10 Vettes and a Nissan.  We even had Chris Elliott from Canada join us!  What a terrific place the Soda Fountain is and the food and ice cream were well worth the trip!  A repeat performance is definitely in the books for next year!  Thank you to Dave & Pauline for arranging this event for us.


Don DiMonda recommends that our members join the SEMA Action Network.  Check out their website: www.semasan.com


Don also informed us that the Sackets Harbor Car Show, of which he is an organizer, will be held the third Saturday in August next year, in order to avoid conflict with other area shows.


Since we do not have formal meetings in November and December, our November get-together will be Saturday, November 14th, at the Steak n Brew in Turin.  Social hour will begin at 4:00PM with dinner following.  We went with the earlier time so that we could drive there in the daylight.  Hopefully the weather will allow us to drive our Vettes.

Betsy Jacobs is the contact person.



Full details will go out by email shortly.


The Club Christmas party is slated for Wednesday, December 9th at the Blue Heron in Chaumont.  We will again have the bring-a-gift, get-a-gift exchange.  Participation is voluntary.

Details will be sent out later when the menu has been finalized with the restaurant.




  Club Sponsors:

 Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY www.Davidsonautonet.com


Clarence Henry Coach LLC

Marble St., Watertown, NY



Website & Sponsor:



Email: NNYCorvetteClub@gmail.com

Kris Allen and Creg Systems


Club Contacts:


President: Tom Cheney

Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

Phone: 315-783-6840       


Vice President: Darren Smith

Email: dwsmith381@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498


Secretary: Betsy Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Treasurer: Kathy Cheney

Email: kccheney@verizon.net

Phone: 315-783-8108


Webmaster: Joe Coniglio

Email: JCONIG@hotmail.com

Phone: 315-788-8059


Goodwill Ambassador: Lori Chase

Email: dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


New Membership Chairman: Dave Chase

Email:  dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


Photographer: Ron Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris

Email: dorway99@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-681-4642


If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at JCONIG@hotmail.com and he will put it on our website.