October 2018 – Newsletter


Would you believe we encountered a few snowflakes on the way to and from Carthage for our October dinner meeting - nothing major, but it did deter some from driving their Corvettes.


Stefano’s did a wonderful job for us.  The food and service were terrific, as was the private dining room.  You can bet we’ll be going there again!


Some of our members made the effort to dress up in costume and they were a big hit with everyone.  Steve and Sylvia Dion took the prize for the best costume(s) – a sexy cop and a striped convict dragging ball and chain.  Honorable mention must go to Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels (Stu Dyer and Jen Barry), and Father Tom and Sister Kathy Cheney.

There was quite a bit of joking, laughter and hi-jinks.  Great time!!


The lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle was Kathy Cheney.


During the meeting, Tom recognized our volunteer support staff.  If you are not familiar with them, check out their names on page two of this newsletter.


The charitable donations for this year were announced:

Hospice of Jefferson County

SPCA of Jefferson County

Volunteer Transportation

Lewis County Christmas Sharing Program

Princess of Wales Own Regiment (Kingston)


Reminder:  If you wish to have your Corvette included on the club website, in the Members Rides Section, you may submit your own photo directly to Joe Coniglio.  His email address is:




Please include with your photo, your name(s), year and official color of your Vette.  It would be a nice plus, if the photo included you and your significant other.  That way other members can put a face with the car.


Darren Smith has donated to the club, a very nice display easel, which can accommodate a large banner.  Tom has contacted Inkwell Graphics and they can design and create a banner for the club for under $100.00.  It was agreed we would go ahead with the order.


The club would like to acknowledge the very generous $500.00 sponsorship check received from Davidsons Chevrolet.  They have supported us from the very beginning.

Thank you, Dwight!


We would also like to acknowledge CREG Systems for providing our website at no cost to the club.  Thank you, Kris Allen!


We’d be amiss if we didn't mention Clarence Henry Coach for providing bus transport on our past casino trips.  Thank you, Rob Freeman!


The November dinner (no meeting) will be held at Steak n Brew in Turin, Saturday, November 17th.  The contact is Betsy Jacobs.



The details will go out by email soon.


As of the October meeting, a definite date for the Christmas party had not been decided upon.  The original date we chose, was not available at the restaurant.  We will let you know by separate email when the details have been ironed out.  However, we plan on having the “Bring-a-gift / Get-a-Gift” exchange again this year.  The spending limit is $25.00 per couple or single person.  This is completely voluntary - just keep in mind that if you don’t bring a gift, you shouldn’t expect to receive one!  Bah! Humbug!




Club Sponsors:


Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY www.Davidsonautonet.com


Clarence Henry Coach LLC

Marble St., Watertown, NY



Website & Sponsor:



Email: NNYCorvetteClub@gmail.com

Kris Allen and Creg Systems



Club Contacts:


President: Tom Cheney

Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

Phone: 315-783-6840       


Treasurer: Darren Smith

Email: dwsmith381@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498


Secretary: Betsy Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Vice President: Kathy Cheney

Email: kccheney1152@gmail.com

Phone: 315-783-8108


Webmaster: Joe Coniglio

Email: JCONIG@hotmail.com

Phone: 315-788-8059


 Goodwill Ambassador: Lori Chase

Email: dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


New Membership Chairman: Dave Chase

Email:  dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


Photographer: Steve Dion

Email: lky36246@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-658-3134


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris

Email: dorway99@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-681-4642


If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at JCONIG@hotmail.com and he will put it on our website.