February 2015 - Newsletter


 It seems the main topic of conversation in the North Country these days, is the extremely cold weather we’re experiencing.  Maybe that’s an indication we’ll be getting some really nice weather come spring and summer to even things out!


The cold temperatures didn’t seem to bother those of us who were at Art’s Jug on the 18th.

Maybe it’s just me, but the pizza tasted extra good this year.  The vegetarian version was particularly delicious.


A drawing was held for a Corvette hat donated by Davidsons.  Sharon Delosh was the lucky winner.  Coincidently, her significant other, Fred Sovie, won one in January! 


For those members who paid their dues before the end of January, an “Early Bird” drawing was held.  The lucky winners, John & Teresa Bach, are currently in Florida, but Tom promised he would save the restaurant gift certificate for them until they got back up north.

(It might be noted here – that last year, John paid a “fun fine” for paying his dues very late.  See John?  Sometimes it pays to pay your bills on time – or in this case early!)


Our March dinner meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at the Tilted Kilt in Watertown.  Tom Cheney is the contact person:

    Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

    Phone: 783-6840

Please note this is on the third Wednesday of

the month to accommodate our President’s schedule.  Social hour starts at 6:00 and dinner at 7:00.  We can order from the menu and receive separate checks.


Plans are in place for our 8th Annual Casino trip to Turning Stone, Saturday, March 14th.  I will attach a flyer with all the details.  This is our major fund-raiser for the year.  Bring your friends and relatives and have a fun day.  We will have two buses with a total capacity of 79.  Again this year, Rob Freeman is donating the second bus and driver.  Thank you for your generosity, Rob!

 Member Jim Lucas has gone on record as saying he will donate half of his winnings to the club!  Thanks Jim!  Not to be outdone, Kathy Cheney will donate a homemade quilt to be raffled off at a future meeting.  All proceeds will go to the club.  Thanks Kathy!

  Don’t forget to pay your dues for 2015.     It’s still only $20.00 – a real bargain!

Please note - that in order to facilitate record keeping, we are requesting that you send your dues and Renewal Membership form to:

          NNYCC c/o Betsy Jacobs

          42992 Seaway Avenue

          Alexandria Bay, NY  13607



 Club Sponsors:


Davidson’s Automotive Group, outer Washington St., Watertown, NY www.Davidsonautonet.com

 Clarence Henry Coach LLC

Marble St., Watertown, NY



Website & Sponsor:


Email: NNYCorvetteClub@gmail.com

Kris Allen and Creg Systems

 Club Contacts:

 President: Tom Cheney

Email: Tom@CheneyTire.com

Phone: 315-783-6840       


Vice President: Darren Smith

Email: dwsmith381@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498


Secretary: Betsy Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Treasurer: Kathy Cheney

Email: kccheney@verizon.net

Phone: 315-783-8108


Sargent-at-Arms:  Jim Smith

Email:  jsmith63157@gmail.com

Phone: 315-788-5498


Webmaster: Joe Coniglio

Email: JCONIG@hotmail.com

Phone: 315-788-8059


Goodwill Ambassador: Lori Chase

Email: dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


New Membership Chairman: Dave Chase

Email:  dave.l.chase@gmail.com

Phone: 607-760-7729


 Photographer: Ron Jacobs

Email: bjacobs002@twcny.rr.com

Phone: 315-482-4610


Parade Coordinator: Wayne Harris

Email: dorway99@yahoo.com

Phone: 315-681-4642


If you have any Corvette cars or parts to sell, or are looking to buy, contact Joe at JCONIG@hotmail.com and he will put it on our website.