Northern New York Corvette Club Bylaws

Revised July 1, 2011


Officers of the Northern New York Corvette Club will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Northern New York Corvette Club is to promote harmony among Corvette enthusiasts for social, recreational and community service.  Our focus is to enjoy our cars and have fun.


Club Name:

The official organization will be the “Northern New York Corvette Club”.


Responsibilities of the Officers and Staff Appointments:

President:  shall organize and conduct club meetings and activities

                  shall ensure the club meetings are conducted under the Roberts Rules of Order


Vice President:  shall perform the club duties in the absence of the President

                          shall oversee special events and projects as directed by the President and members


Secretary: shall record and recite minutes at each meeting

                 shall create and distribute monthly Newsletter

                 shall record and update member list

                 shall send out club membership renewals

                 shall send out welcome package to new members


Treasurer: shall be responsible for the collection and dispersal of all finances

                 shall keep a written record of all transactions and give a report at each monthly meeting

                 shall prepare an annual budget which allocates expenditures by category

                 shall submit annual budget to the members every January


Webmaster: shall maintain the club’s official internet website to add or remove information in a timely manner


Event Coordinator: shall accept recommendations from our club and other club members for cruise events

                               shall assist to coordinate the events with our members and other club events

                               shall submit event information to the webmaster


Club Photographer: shall take pictures at each club event

                                shall submit pictures to the webmaster


Officer Term Limits:

President: term of one year, maximum of 3 consecutive years

Vice President: term of one year

Secretary: term of one year

Treasurer: term of one year



Nominations will be held in August of the current year

Vote will be held in September of the current year

New Officers take office October 1st of the current year                                                                      


Voting Qualifications:

Each member may vote provided he/she is in good standing. 



A majority of members in attendance will constitute a quorum.

 Treasurers Annual Report:

To be submitted at the January meeting of the current year.  The report will summarize current operating expenses; outline anticipated expenses for the coming year; and include a copy of the current bank statement.

 Annual Purchases:

All purchases exceeding $150.00 need approval of the membership.

 Membership Rules and Regulations:

1. All members will be assessed an annual fee which will be collected by May 31 of the current year.

2. Any changes in the amount of the annual fee must be voted on by the membership.

3. All members in good standing will have the right to participate in any of the club’s functions.


Membership Dues and Monies accumulated:

Any dues collected from January through December in the current year, pays the current year’s membership only.

Any monies not needed to fund the operation of the club will be donated to non-profit organizations of the members’ choice.


Bylaw Changes:

The proposed change must be read once at two consecutive meetings and voted upon at the second meeting.  This change must pass by the majority of the members present.


Club Equipment:

Club equipment is to be used for the sole purpose of sponsored NNYCC functions.


Staff Appointments:

Staff appointments shall be made by the Officers as needed.



If and when the club should dissolve, all assets and funds will be distributed among non-profit organizations chosen by the membership.